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As a Geek or Gamer, Creative or Artist, and or Spiritual Seeker, 

you yearn for the 'real world' to be as captivating and fulfilling as the the world of your passions and interests. What if you could also feel capable, connected to community, and called to a greater purpose in the wider world, and not just your inner world? 

Instead, you are feeling the opposite:

  • hopeless, powerless, and incapable of success in the face of life's overwhelming challenges

  • alone, judged, and isolated because your passions, interests, and strengths are misunderstood, rejected, and unsupported

  • adrift, unmotivated, and lost because the  few "real" world opportunities available to you feel unrewarding, irrelevant, or devoid of meaning.

In addition to these feelings, if you are also the holder of another marginalized identity, the experience or even risk of social harm and mistreatment have made these struggles more acute, pervasive, and complex. Unless this cycle is broken, the weight of these problems will only accumulate, perpetuating the cycle of struggle.


At Hidden Quest Therapy, I will guide you in strengthening your sense of capability, belonging, and purpose using:

  • Geek/Video Game Therapy: video games, table top role playing games, board games, superheroes, comics, anime, fandom, & pop culture

  • Expressive Arts Therapy: music, movement and dance, visual art, writing, role play & storytelling

  • Spirituality: mindfulness, meditation, drumming, tarot, oracle cards, & dreams​

If these symbolic realms ignite your passion, spark your curiosity, or even present a challenges that inspires a desire for growth, you may be ready to:

  • Explore the hidden forces that shape your life,

  • Express who you are,

  • Unlearn habits and attitudes that no longer serve you,

  • Replace habits with healthier strategies that align with the person you wish to become, and

  • Connect to others and your greater purpose.

Let's take the next step together! Contact me for a free consultation.


Welcome to Hidden Quest Therapy!

I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California specializing in use of Geek Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Spirituality. These approaches are strength-based, symbolic, and story-driven, aimed to help you to connect more deeply with yourself, others, and spirit. As a geeky, creative, and spiritual person myself, I've learned how to integrate my passions and interests into other areas of my life and find a balance between my inner and outer worlds.

I do my best work with those who are open to the possibility of using their inner passions and interests to help answer 'outer world' questions and challenges

While affirming your interests and passions, my holistic approach is transparent, gentle, and collaborative in addressing all aspects of life that are important and relevant to who you are and who you wish to become.

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