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Family Therapy

Testing the test in order to test

  • 1 hour
  • 200 Australian dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

Family therapy is a space where members develop skills of empathy, expression, self awareness, compromise, problem solving, emotional regulation, and communication. Not at all unlike individual therapy, it involved building awareness.....(). The difference is that in meeting together, we commit to the mutual understanding that growth, healing, and transformation is made possible by everyone's joint effort, accountability, and willingness to change. Everyone has a role to play. These roles however, often feel uncomfortable or unnatural... they may even be confusing and scary, especially for parents who raised "old school." Even though we know that the lessons of "old school" were based on fear, we accept it, because we survived, and in a world that's oppressive, fear keeps you safe. It's essential to look at all these pieces, examine our beliefs, and replace those that no longer serve with ones grounded in compassion, (liberation?), and strength. parents fear. allow it to take diver seat. spinning our wheels... nagging. lectures. tuned out. the fact that fear hasn't transpired becomes evidence against it... but it becomes internal on a deeper level. safety. who will keep me safe? I can't because I keep messing up. but the payoff is not leaving an argument doing or saying something you wish you could take back, being seen, Intermitted family therapy can be a great support to individual therapy. For anyone who has played the game, overcooked, you know what it's like to have too many cooks in the kitchen. Burnt food, spills, and frustrated people. This might just sound like dinner with your family. everyone's working on the same dish with different recipes and ingredients, let alone different skill sets, personality types, and knowledge. What is family? I imagine you might get a different answer for each member of yours that you ask. And you should! How amazing is it that your family is dynamic, unique because everyone adds their own flavor to it. We accept what we think is normal for families. Children and adolescents want to do well. They want to make you proud. They want to make themselves proud. But there's only so much they can do when they don't have the skills to Empathy Communication boundary setting compromise

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