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Sekayi Edwards

LMFT 118795

I'm a geeky, creative, and spiritual licensed marriage and family therapist, located in Northern California's San Francisco Bay area.


I've worked with too many self-identified geeks, creatives, and spiritual individuals are dismissed as misfits, instead of being seen and heard for who they are and their incredible contributions. They've lacked and been barred from safe, "real-world" spaces for self empowerment, creating community, and finding meaning in something bigger than themselves. This is especially true for those who also hold marginalized identities and thus face immeasurable social and systemic discrimination and harm. 

So why focus on Geeks & Gamers, Creatives & Artists, and Spiritual Seekers who are also marginalized?

I choose to work with individuals who self identify as Geeky, Creative, and/or Spiritual because these are the chosen identities that have helped transform who I am and how I see myself. They have helped me feel the most capable, alive, and authentic in the world. I am also committed to working with members of these communities who hold marginalized identities because there are additional challenges we face within geeky, creative, and spiritual communities around representation, stereotypes, appropriation, and balancing our complex, cultural identities, which at times can feel at odds with one another. As a Black male, I hid many of my interests, or re-presented them in a way that I thought would help them gain more acceptance. This changed depending on who I was with, all in an attempt to fit in or be taken seriously. The cost was that I never fully felt that I could be myself because who I was was always changing depending on what group I was with. Once I realized that this once effective survival strategy was now harmful to me, and I've since put my efforts to reclaiming these hidden identities, and allowing them to shine in my personal and professional life. I believe that when we create space for ourselves to show up, space is created for others to do the same. This is our hidden quest.

This is positive and all, but what about the dangers of escapism, addiction, and withdrawal into fantasy, imagination, and spirituality?

I've dug myself into each of these holes in an attempt to bury the pain of academic failures, social isolation, and grief in the outer world. I once used gaming to avoid overwhelming responsibilities and the resulting shame of underperforming. I used music to fight feelings of isolation, loneliness, and low self esteem. When in grief, I used spirituality to look outside of myself for the lack of resources I felt I had within. 

These were the only strengths I had at my disposal to protect myself from difficult experiences. They worked, but only in providing protection from pain--not healing it. My over use of escapism  prevented me from finding new solutions to addressing the root causes of my pain. I still love getting lost in the inner world of my interests and passions, but now I've learned to apply them in the outer world. I also have other options and tools to address life's challenges, allowing me to maintain a healthy balance with strengths in my inner and outer worlds, as I've learned to use them in more adaptive ways.

How is finding balance between the world of our passions and the "real world" possible?

I've found a way to help others bridge and navigate both worlds, through playful personal work, collaboration, and ritual, while experiencing the joy of their passions and interests along the way.  ​

Where do I start?

If you think we may be a good fit, sign up for a free 30 minute consultation below!


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Master's in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies

Behavioral Health Clinician at SFDPH children youth and families

Certified Therapeutically Applied Table Top Role Playing Game Facilitator at Game to Grow


Clinical Director of Urban Based Adventures Psychotherapy

Medicinal Drumming Facilitator

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