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Tabletop Role-Playing Groups

Close-up image of a red 20-sided role-playing gaming die on a character sheet. Within the
  • Exploring Identity

  • Flawed Self vs Ideal Self

  • Socialization

  • Collaboration

  • Problem Solving

  • Expression

  • Trauma & Resilience

  • Mental & Behavioral Health


$800                 110                 8                    virtual

Schedule a consultation for group inquiries and to join a waitlist!


Teens / Adults

Do you need a space to explore your identity, develop friendships, and find purpose? This group utilizes table top role playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons, to help you connect to your own sense of character, community, and calling as you learn to address issues around self esteem, social skills, belonging, executive functioning, creativity, collaboration, and mental health.


  • Character: Discover different facets of yourself as you take on various roles in our games. It's a chance to delve into your values, traits, and perspectives, and understand how they shape your choices.

  • Culture: Forge meaningful connections with fellow adventurers. Through shared stories and experiences, you'll find a sense of belonging that goes beyond the games, drawing from your own cultural background and experiences.

  • Calling: Uncover a sense of purpose that resonates with you. As you step into the shoes of your characters, you'll tap into aspirations and dreams that might guide you in your real-life endeavors.

This group is a fun, unique, safe haven to learn, connect, and grow. Together, we aim to boost confidence, strengthen community, and inspire a greater sense of purpose that extends beyond the realm of games.

How it works:

Participants jointly create an imaginary world which acts as the setting the an adventure. Then each participant designs and controls their own fictional character living within this world. I, your facilitator, populate the world with meaningful goals, challenges, interesting locales, and lively inhabitants for the characters to interact with. Using a combination of chance, decision making, and role play, participants work together to overcome the challenges their characters encounter, moving the story forward until they achieve their ultimate goal.


Fantasy and science fiction, mythology, history, comics, anime, and pop culture are all sources of inspiration here as we explore themes of identity, transformation, friendship, trauma, hope, loss, spiritual power, magic, conflict, and belonging. 


​Navigating these themes through the creation and embodiment of a fictional character in connection with others is not only fun, it also provides emotional distance and safety to explore one's identity, develop empathy, gain perspective, practice social skills, improve collaboration, and strengthen problem solving skills. 

All levels of experience with Dungeons and Dragons or role playing games are welcome! Contact me for a free consultation!

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